Heart Torn in Two By M.R.M (Poetry)

Though I didn’t know you, still you grew a part of me, suddenly aware of the child within, wondering Who would you be like and how would you react…
as years gone by colored by the lies you were told, when would that truth I knew as fact unfold?
First it was my body that surrounded you so close, then it was my womb that protected you with every battered dose,
I crawled on hands and knees to try and get away, from the biological co-creator who kicked, slapped and strangled me.
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It wasn’t myself for whom I was concerned, it was the unborn child who may never know just how much hate their mother had to endure.
Did it make me strong, or was I too weak to be bold? The depths of despair of a woman pregnant with new life, only tears of fear that threatened daily that scared wife.
So whatever it is I didn’t tell you, this you must know, It was your life that saved mine with every hit I took, and I’m so very sorry for all the horrors that horrid man I call a crook.
Think what you want but someday you shall see, God gave me you, despite the violent abuse against me.
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Forever my Love goes on and my heart is torn in two, simply because of your resentment for my doing whatever I knew how to do.
Surviving is not thriving, and freedom was a fight, every day I think of you and forgiveness is my plight.
I left that man who bruised every part of who I was, and now I live to shout and fight for what is noble and what is right.
You my dear child I cry for in the middle of each night.
With Love yesterday, today and every tomorrow, Your Mom xoxo
                                                                             © M.R.M 2017 Love Letters To Our ChildrenScreen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.39.58 PM

You Come to Me in Memories by L.D. (Poetry)

You come to me in memories,
All outstretched arms and sticky smiles
Laughing carelessly, free and sure
Explaining to me in that way you do
Just how things really work in the world,
Stunningly accurate for one so small
Already certain you have something to say
And I listen as I used to do, enraptured,
Thinking about the miracles we are
How making a child seems so simple
Until you see it happen for yourself
How you were once a pink wrinkled thing
Born screaming with hunger and fury
Not even a little bit afraid to live out loud
Demanding everything now now now
How I was putty in your hands
And you shaped me into mother
Letting all the pieces not fitting the image
Fall to the floor like crumbs
Like memories

© L.D 2014 Love Letters To Our Children
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The Mother Tree by Lynn Mari (Poetry)

Memories fall like leaves, skidding across the sidewalk at my feet. Coloring the landscape with painful reminders of my children—the dreams I had for my family, the yearning of what could have been… The falling away from the mother tree.

A healthy leaf slowly dies, becoming brittle, it’s edges crumple, colors fade… though torn from the tree it is never forgotten. Those memories will always be a part of me, of who I am.

The leaf is broken but with the last of its strengthen, it returns to the ground, to nurture the roots, to give birth to new life in another season. That is how mothers endure the most difficult and impossible situations, they are rooted to the memories of their precious children, in the depths of the cold, dark soil–they reach for light.

© Lynn Mari, 2013 Love Letters To Our Children


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