How to Participate – Submit a Love Letter

WHAT IS A LOVE LETTER??   Love letters are positive affirmations and/or love poems sent to children or to moms who have been impacted by family court and/or CPS rulings that have caused disruption in their lives, or estrangement from their mothers or children.  Love Letters are general messages that convey hope, expressions of affection, and validation that these children and mothers are not forgotten–but are cherished and loved. Love Letters similarly provide support to the  children , Moms and the family and friends affected. For safety reasons,we strong suggest these messages remain anonymous, but we are confident that the intent and spirit of each letter will relay a powerful, and positive message when viewed.


WHY A Campaign?    Love Letters to Our Children is a campaign designed to encourage Protective Moms,  children , family members, friends supporters and others who have been estranged from a  mother or child due to an unjust Family Court/CPS ruling. Our intention is to use these positive messages to provide a safe place where mothers and children can receive a “love letter” and offering a place for Protective Moms , children and their supporters to network, and provide support to each other.

POSTING GUIDELINES:    Please post letters, poems art, song lyrics, pictures, quotes, videos or other general messages that relay a positive message, or offer support. DO NOT post any information which may identify you (if possible) most important please do not identify your minor child /children or mother including legal name, location, case details, names of those involved in your case etc Please do not use your child’s name, mother’s name or your name in this process. We suggest ,you use only initials.

You may post positive, quotes, poems, songs pictures and message for your child or mother. Please keep your posts general. We feel confident that your child or mom will feel your outpouring of love for them in their hearts.

Here are some ideas on how to create fun, meaningful letters to your child from our U.S.A Regional Director E.J Perth:

The letter you write is like a photograph–it will capture a moment in time, an image or an expression that is passed on to your child/ mother. Your letter is a gift. The quality of the letter is more important than the “quantity”; be careful on how you convey your message, avoid sending money and gifts (outside of a holiday, birthday or special event) as this creates as expectation that you may not be able to support long term. The most important part of your letter is the meaning you convey–and how the letter nurtures your relationship to your child or mother.

* Write your letter when you are calm, upbeat and feeling good. The letter should convey your love and care for your  mother or child–and should be age appropriate.

Do not send a letter to your child/ mom that reflects agitation, fear, anger or other negative emotions. Similarly, do not include in your letters negative comments, remarks or sarcasm about the child’s guardian/parent or living situation. If you find that writing letters is triggering strong emotions, seek support or help. Those emotions are understandable, but should not be passed onto a child or mother.

* Create a positive environment for writing your letter–turn on your favorite music, light a candle, take time to connect with pictures or objects (toys, books, things they made, etc) that remind you of your child, pray, take a walk, etc. It may be hard, especially at first, to write. You may be struggling with emotions or on the verge of tears (I have been there myself!). By creating a positive environment, you are putting aside those emotions and/or stressors so you can focus on your child/ mom, and convey a message that is both meaningful and supportive.

* Send the letters consistently (ie on holidays, weekly, monthly, etc). You may also consider using stamps that are cute or fun, or using decorative envelopes.

* Consider poetry! Poetry is a fun, and expressive way of communicating to your child. You may want to send a humorous, or age appropriate poem for your child. Nursery rhymes are also great. Jack Prelutsky writes some humorous poems for children that may be fun to include.

Try an acrostic poem: write your child’s or mom’s name on a piece of paper, and for each letter of the name write something descriptive, funny or memorable about your child or mother.

This link creates a “Name Poem” for your child/ mom. It’s really cool, and a great way to let your child or mom know you care. When you visit the link, you answer a few questions and type it into a blank field. When you are all done, you click a button to generate your poem then print:

Poetry for Children:

* Send cartoons, comic strips or newspaper articles. Find subjects your child or mom may be interested in and clip articles. Or clip articles that talk about places you have visited. Thrift stores and garage sales are a great place to find articles or magazines for children and mothers.

* Send pictures. The pictures could things your children/mom is interested in (animals, places, celebrities, etc).

* Create a letter with pictures. This works well if your child is young and does not read very well. Draw pictures on the letter to tell a story, or clip pictures from magazines.

* Give your child/mom positive affirmations. It is so important to let your child/ mom know that you love them, and that you care. Affirmations boost self esteem, make you feel better and provide hope. You may also include prayers, Scriptures or other messages that are a part of your family, traditions or spiritual beliefs. For example, fortune cookies are a form of affirmations.

“The Children Lights” site gives information on how affirmations work, why they are important to a child’s development and includes tips on how to create affirmations:Affirmations are positive statements about who we are, and what we can become and experience…The key in using affirmations effectively is to have them evoke positive emotions within us.”

* Send postcards from new or unusual places.

* Send jokes, riddles or “Mad Libs”.

Aha Jokes is a great site to get jokes for kids on a variety of topics:

Any more ideas? Please share in the comments!

For more info please visit E.J’s blog:


4 thoughts on “How to Participate – Submit a Love Letter

  1. My heart hiccupped as I gently opened your bedroom door & beheld you sleeping in the same position I had left you in 4 hrs ago…
    Were you alright? Just sleeping soundly, finally “like a teenager” even as I puzzled over how you COULD sleep with the vacuum running downstairs…
    I admired your long lean limbs, the full curve of your sweet lips gently parted, your tousled hair.
    You took my hand & squeezed it for a long tender moment as you stretched into consciousness – that meant the world to me.
    I now understand those Victorian poets, waxing rhapsodic about the merest touch, feasting my eyes upon you on this, our last day together for a while. Mommy loves you more than I can say, mijo.

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  2. “I am blessed”

    As I look at you
    I realized how
    blessed I am

    To see you grow
    to see you play
    to see you near
    to hold you dear

    To see you change
    day by day.

    Now I pray
    to see you again
    to hold you
    to snuggle you
    to comfort you
    to look you in your eyes and say “I love you tooo much”
    You’ve both grown in such a short time
    I know neither of you will ever forget your hearts are always tied with mine

    I never thought
    that I would have
    two beautiful sons
    to brighten my life.

    When you were born
    to God I prayed
    to let me see you
    grow in His faith.

    We still have plenty of time together and more memories to make.
    That is something no one can take!

    Although you are both not here with me
    if you get lost along your way, not sure what to do or what to say.
    Know that I’m present in spirit and soul with open arms and a hand for you always to hold.

    God gave me two amazing sons,
    through all the pain not having you near
    I will never give up faith that you’ll both be here.

    I am blessed, blessed to be your Mommy.

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  3. My forkful of scrambled eggs trembles – yet I don’t spill any of my breakfast down my shirt
    My forearm spasms as I grip the steering wheel – yet I drive all the way home safely
    A pillar of anxiety spears through my chest, unable to breathe deeply – yet I carry on
    The first step behind us, yet many more to come on this long lonely trail mijo
    I am relentless – I will not surrender
    I will fight for your best interests until every single resource is exhausted
    Until no breath remains in this body
    As I am to my mother so you are to me, my son
    A warm embrace, a squeeze of your hand, a brief shoulder rub
    All of my love is encapsulated in these small gestures for now

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  4. Some of the Things Your Real Mommy Loves About You, but Not All

    Sunday, August 10, 2014, Day # 801 Without You, May This Message Find You My Little Love… Mommy’s Sunflower,

    Picture Won’t “Paste”

    You used to giggle in your sleep, and that is how Mommy knew you were happy.

    Picture Won’t “Paste”

    Mommy holding you, 6 mos. old, in front of church

    1. All of Your Fantastic Smiles– mischievous (as in, “I just hid something so that you can’t find it, but I want you to find it”), sweet and angelic (like when you used to come and hug Mommy and pray with her or cuddle up and read with Mommy), thrilled and excited (while you clap your hands together and put them under your chin and giggle as if awaiting a Christmas present), wry (smirk as in, “Ha-ha, funny, but you didn’t fool me”), competitive (as in, “Mommy, I’m tired and can’t run anymore”…and then you sprint ahead and beat Mommy to the next mile-marker on the track), happy (as if enjoying a Happy Meal or playing troll under the bridge at the park with Mommy), the epiphany smile (as in, “Hey, I figured it out!”), Content, the Reciprocal Smile (smile back at someone smiling at you),….etc.;

    2. The Way You Giggled in Your Sleep as a Baby and Then Talked In Your Sleep Just Like Mommy;

    3. Your Sweet Little Laugh that I/Mommy could just bottle-up and sell with a pretty bow around it;

    4. Your Spirit;

    5. Your Comedy;

    6. Your Wit and Sense of Humor;

    7. Your intelligence, giftedness;

    8. Your joie de vie, the joy of life, our happiness;

    9. Your Adorable Little Face with the “apples” Mommy could just eat right out of those cute cheeks;

    10. How you “stole Mommy’s eyes” and put them in yours;

    11. The way you used to say, “Grr, Grr,” as a sign of affection in the morning or at night;

    12. How You Used to Love to Snuggle with Mummy and Read at Bedtime;

    13. Your endurance jogging and walking in Memorial Park and at Bear Creek Soccer Park with Mommy;

    14. Your courage;

    15. Your excitement when you got a new toy;

    16. Your strength;

    17. How Easy You Were to Please and How Easily Amused You Were;

    18. How You Never Wanted to Leave Mommy, Just Like Mommy Never Wanted to Leave You for a Second;

    19. Holding You as a Little Baby;

    20. Your Pictures;

    21. Your Sweetness and Light from the Lord; and

    22. Your Bear Hugs and Kisses;

    23. Your Helpfulness;

    24. Your practical common sense;

    25. Your well-rounded talents and how you were good at everything you tried;

    26. Your Creativity and Imagination;

    27. How Good You are at Memory Game;

    28. Playing Operation, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, and Bingo and Boggle with You;

    29. Taking Care of You When You Were Sick;

    30. Shopping for You;

    31. How special and unique you are, your Brilliance;

    32. Your fascination with nature as a little child;

    33. Your Determination;

    34. Your Boldness Combined With Your Humility and Unpredictable Caution;

    35. The Way You Loved Your Daddy and Mommy; and of course,

    36. Watching You Sleep.

    But this is just a short list, for Mommy will always love everything about you, and I will always be here for you as long at the Lord lets me. You should remember this every time you see a beautiful, bright, mysterious moon, a pretty sunflower, when you hold a good book, when you go swimming at the pool, go to the park, put a sticker on your hand like Mommy used to do so that you knew she was thinking about you whenever you looked at it at pre-school, whenever you ace a spelling test on Fridays, whenever you see a pretty bird take flight in the sky, know that Mommy is near like a Momma bird is never far from her nest of babies, even when she has to go and forage for food to bring back to them.

    I love you, my little angel! I miss you every second of every minute of every hour of every day. Another first day of school is almost here for you–the third one in a-row (all of them) that they have kept you away from your Mommy. My heart breaks thinking about this. I do hope you are happy, my love, but I also hope you never stop thinking about your real Mommy and coming home as soon as possible. You can always come home. “Home is where the heart is.”

    Sweetheart, my only “child,” my son, you are a rare gem, a jewel that sparkles like no other will ever sparkle for your Mummy. You are truly one in a million, and cannot and will not be replaced in my heart. Again, I will see you in my dreams, if I am lucky.

    Love always,

    Your real mummy, unconditionally, no matter what, forever


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