Ode To Adunijeh ( Poetry)


Ode To My Son, Adunijeh
And when you’d wake up
You’d look for me and smile
And your smile beamed like the sun
So brilliantly shining in my direction
Meant just for me and me alone
You knew I was your mom
I knew you were my son
The bond between was there
Though they trampeled upon it hard
My soul anxiously waited, yearned for those precious moments
My heart exploded simultaneously with pain and joy
Because it wasn’t the recognized, respected, admired, connection, between a mother and HER child, that it was
And because those moments where we both breathed our bond, were like manna from heaven
They punctuated the reality of our relationship and reminded me I was indeed worthy, and you, your eyes, your smile, your face, all of you, the full, perfect, innocent beauty of you

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Enriched me with a new, glorious purpose
You gave depth to my value
And even though we’re not together
And it’s been so long we’ve been apart
Even if I wont ever be with you again
Even if you never loved me again
Even if you hated me
Please know that you are an immeasurable treasure
And if those good memories of you, and of our sacred, untainted time together
Is all I’m allowed
Is all I’m left with
You will still be worth it
Because I love you
And that’s never going to change


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© J. L. D 2018 Love Letters To Our Children




Heart Torn in Two By M.R.M (Poetry)

Though I didn’t know you, still you grew a part of me, suddenly aware of the child within, wondering Who would you be like and how would you react…
as years gone by colored by the lies you were told, when would that truth I knew as fact unfold?
First it was my body that surrounded you so close, then it was my womb that protected you with every battered dose,
I crawled on hands and knees to try and get away, from the biological co-creator who kicked, slapped and strangled me.
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It wasn’t myself for whom I was concerned, it was the unborn child who may never know just how much hate their mother had to endure.
Did it make me strong, or was I too weak to be bold? The depths of despair of a woman pregnant with new life, only tears of fear that threatened daily that scared wife.
So whatever it is I didn’t tell you, this you must know, It was your life that saved mine with every hit I took, and I’m so very sorry for all the horrors that horrid man I call a crook.
Think what you want but someday you shall see, God gave me you, despite the violent abuse against me.
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Forever my Love goes on and my heart is torn in two, simply because of your resentment for my doing whatever I knew how to do.
Surviving is not thriving, and freedom was a fight, every day I think of you and forgiveness is my plight.
I left that man who bruised every part of who I was, and now I live to shout and fight for what is noble and what is right.
You my dear child I cry for in the middle of each night.
With Love yesterday, today and every tomorrow, Your Mom xoxo
                                                                             © M.R.M 2017 Love Letters To Our ChildrenScreen Shot 2017-04-20 at 8.39.58 PM

I am Forever Changed ( Poetry and Picture Quote)


” My Daughters-

Can you feel me when I dream of you?

Does your heart feel my heart as it reaches for you,

tugs at you in the night?

Does your soul hear my pain as it howls at the wind?

Missing you, loving you,

Grieving the loss of you in my life,

I am forever changed

You are never forgotten and always loved.”

© D.L 2015 Love Letters To Our Children



You Are Close By K.R ( Poetry)


” You are close, even if I can’t see you

You are in my heart ,even when far away

You are in my thoughts, my dreams, my blood, my soul

For you are my Child,

and I am your Mother.”

© K.R 2015 Love Letters To Our Children


I Will Always Love You by K J ( Poetry)

I know my arm is strong
the landscape of it’s breadth has held new life
has cradled the sweetest innocence
and protected a beating heart
I know my arm is strong
the same arm,
clenched tight by an angry fist,
is still strong

My voice is still here
the power of my words to heal and sooth
the joy of song and treasured talk
the chosen silence and the answers
no matter how heavy the hand
to bring down my voice,
my voice is still here

The heart
no words can tell
written, spoken, heard,
how you are my heart
my dearest child
that the deepest well within my being
holds your light and memory
and no man
no woman
no power, being, or force
shall take you from me
shall shake my grasp
of hope
that i will be your mother
that you are my child
and I will always love you.

K.J © 2015 Love Letters To Our Children


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S’mores in Heaven By L.D ( Poetry)

Long ago, child, do you remember still?
When I was a good mother and we made s’mores
You stabbed each marshmallow, dead-center,
Always careful to get it just right, delighting in your skill.

I can still smell those nights, all damp wood and sugar on fire
You couldn’t resist the urge to watch them burn
And hold them, torch-triumphant, in upraised fists of glory
I loved to watch you waving them like power
Your face clenched in victory over the elements of life
A simple bag of sugar can make us into gods
But finally, hungry and ready, you placed your fate into my hands
And asked for golden brown with full faith.

You knew, you knew that I was patient, capable and kind
So I took my time, spinning and spinning over glowing embers
While you watched like it was church, silent and still
And when it was finally perfect like the night
You kept vigil as I slid it so carefully, golden and plump
Between graham cracker and chocolate, slowly like a prayer
And when I delivered it safely into your waiting hands
You knew that it was never just about giving you dessert
~  © L.D 2014 Love Letters To our Children

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All of My Love (In These Small Gestures) by E.V. (Poetry)

My forkful of scrambled eggs trembles – yet I don’t spill any of my breakfast down my shirt.

My forearm spasms as I grip the steering wheel – yet I drive all the way home safely.

A pillar of anxiety spears through my chest, unable to breathe deeply – yet I carry on.

The first step behind us, yet many more to come on this long lonely trail, Mijo.

I am relentless – I will not surrender,

I will fight for your best interests until every single resource is exhausted

Until no breath remains in this body.

As I am to my mother so you are to me, my son.

A warm embrace, a squeeze of your hand, a brief shoulder rub

All of my love is encapsulated in these small gestures for now.

E.V. © 2015 Love Letters To Our Children





I Miss My Babies by C.P (Poetry)

I miss my babies, every night I can’t tuck them in,

help them with homework,

hold them when they hurt, help them find solutions to their problems –

teach them to be the men that I would like to see them become….

happy healthy and fulfilled and confident in their choices.

I want to encourage good choices, close friendships, silliness, love, joy,

non-judgement and an insatiable curiosity about life.

I have hope that there will be some positive changes happening,

but I pray for patience!

© C.P 2013 Love Letters To Our Children





Thank you for my children, by C A.J ( Poetry)

I’ll be here to watch you grow…
I’ll be there all your life and watch the seeds we sew.
You make life worth singing a song
When you are right here with me,
I ‘ll have the strength to go on.

Thank you for my children,
Here we are to today, the years have gone by
you grew before my eyes, time after time
I’ll hold you in my arms, I hold you close to me
rock a bye my baby, I’ll rock you to sleep

And, when I get too old,
To pick you up in my arms, I just want you to know –
I have loved every second of watching you grow.
The life I gave to you was nothing compared to
The life you gave to me…

Thank you for my children….

©  C A .J 2013 Love Letters To Our Children

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I’ve Known You ; by Amy ( Poetry)

I feel like I’ve known you for years and years
Even though I wasn’t there to dry all your tears
I cherish the memory of holding you tight
That night in the hospital when I rocked you all night
It’s amazing I’ve found you, I want you to know
Makes me sad that I’ve missed out on watching you grow
I’m so proud of the beautiful girl you’ve become
It’s hard to believe that it’s me you came from
Fifteen years have gone by so quick and so fast
But it seems like forever since I saw you last
I hope one day soon we will meet up again
And something really special between us can begin.

I wrote this for my daughter lost to adoption the day after her birth. I love you, K.

©  Amy 2013 Love Letters To Our Children

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