To my Daughters by I.P ( Letter)

If I could do it all over again,
I would do things so differently.
I would know that to be a good role model, I first and foremost need to value and respect the woman I am.
I would not teach you to color inside the lines.
I would worry less about money, and more about freedom.
I would live within our means.
I would be more honest with myself so I could be more honest with you.
I would never tell you “shhhhh” in the middle of the day again.
I would recognize the value of my heart so you could know the value of yours.
I would know that I couldn’t meet your needs if I didn’t meet my own.
I would work harder. And smarter.
I would listen to my gut more.
I would listen to you more.

Perhaps, if nothing else, I’ve taught you that you can’t do it over again.
I hope one day you can forgive me for my mistakes — especially the ones that seem so obvious — and know that I’ve always loved you and did the best I knew how.
© I.P 2014 Love Letters To Our Children


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