All of My Love (In These Small Gestures) by E.V. (Poetry)

My forkful of scrambled eggs trembles – yet I don’t spill any of my breakfast down my shirt.

My forearm spasms as I grip the steering wheel – yet I drive all the way home safely.

A pillar of anxiety spears through my chest, unable to breathe deeply – yet I carry on.

The first step behind us, yet many more to come on this long lonely trail, Mijo.

I am relentless – I will not surrender,

I will fight for your best interests until every single resource is exhausted

Until no breath remains in this body.

As I am to my mother so you are to me, my son.

A warm embrace, a squeeze of your hand, a brief shoulder rub

All of my love is encapsulated in these small gestures for now.

E.V. © 2015 Love Letters To Our Children






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