I Am Blessed by Celia (Poetry)

As I look at you
I realized how
blessed I am

To see you grow
to see you play
to see you near
to hold you dear

To see you change
day by day.

Now I pray
to see you again
to hold you
to snuggle you
to comfort you
to look you in your eyes and say “I love you tooo much”
You’ve both grown in such a short time
I know neither of you will ever forget your hearts are always tied with mine

I never thought
that I would have
two beautiful sons
to brighten my life.

When you were born
to God I prayed
to let me see you
grow in His faith.

We still have plenty of time together and more memories to make.
That is something no one can take!

Although you are both not here with me
if you get lost along your way, not sure what to do or what to say.
Know that I’m present in spirit and soul with open arms and a hand for you always to hold.

God gave me two amazing sons,
through all the pain not having you near
I will never give up faith that you’ll both be here.

I am blessed, blessed to be your Mommy.

Celia © 2015 Love Letters To Our Children

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