You Will Always Have My Unconditional Love, by S.Z ( Letter)

Dear G,
I am writing this to you so we have a record of this and something now that I have to do because of finances. I purchased your work uniform for you because I was excited and happy that you are venturing out now into the work force. I realize now that this is something that should have been discussed with your dad as it does not only involve you because you are needing us to take you to your job and have us pick you up. I spoke with you on how I was happy to know that I have a vehicle to pick you up, not like how grandma had to wait for me because I had to take the bus home from my first job. This is something your dad and I should be in sync together because of the rising costs in gas and the now separate lives that we live. Your dad’s clinic laundry will not be done at my house and on my weekends, nor will you clean the clinic on my weekends. Do you see how this can become very complicated when weekends are not consistent. Being a student and teenager is enough of a load for you. I know that mediation was hard for you but that is why it is there so that we can come to agreements and make life easier for you.
Legally now I need to keep track of everything that I spend. Bottom line, everyone gets a schedule to work ahead of time and I as well as your dad need to see that schedule. You will not be in the middle of trying to fix things, that is way too much pressure for you. This is why I need to have this in writing. I hope we never have to experience what we did last weekend. Our weekends should not be like this.
Know that you are loved and we need to be responsible parents to guide you and help you through these sometimes difficult situations.
I can’t tell you how proud I am of both you and your brother. Divorce is never easy in any family and sometimes to hide the hurt we feel we turn to things like drugs or drinking. I was a teen once and there is a difference of experimenting and doing something not healthy to cover how we feel.
I know and trust that you will make the right choices and know the consequences if you don’t. I have seen this in your brother and I am so proud of him as well.
You will always have my unconditional love.

© S.G 2015 Love Letters To Our Children

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