No Parent by J.L.D. (Free write, Essay)

No parent who loves their child, who wants to be with their child, who isn’t a threat to their child, who never abused their child, nor intentionally harmed them, should have their child ripped from them senselessly, unjustly, and to be then alienated from their child, in some cases, so severely, as though they have died, and to be left with having to beg for any knowledge or glimpse of their child, hoping and waiting on any scraps that *might* be tossed their way.

I am one mother who is exhausted from trying to cope with the knowledge that there are people so evil who carry out such cruel, evil injustice, and from having to implore the takers, the hostage holders, and their cohorts and other connected persons, of my own child, for something, anything, because something, anything, no matter how minuscule, is better than nothing at all. Facing more often than not, the abject rejection, of denial, so often given, with utter silence.

J. L. D  © 2013 Love Letters To Our Children

Source: “Lost in Memories”






One thought on “No Parent by J.L.D. (Free write, Essay)

  1. I can relate exactly to what you are saying, it’s THE MOST disgusting actions that they have taken against ME and my innocent children. How is it “in the best interest of my children” to be placed in the care of a controlling, woman beating weirdo, sperm donor who made his own choice to NOT be a parent and NEVER care to EVEN talk on the phone to his CHILDREN, how is that RIGHT? They ripped my children from the only HOME they’ve EVER known and place them with a complete stranger, a monster… only 3 weeks later he beat his girlfriend in the presence of my youngest, they announce it in court, and he admitted it and they said, “hmm no big deal, he’s a great dad?????” Just recently he severely beats his other girlfriend in the presence of my children again only this time he used a weapon and caught several serious charges and I was not notified until 1 month later only to be told that they were closing an investigation because there was not enough evidence to keep one open, immediately after I’m told of all this i apply for, NOT only ONE, but TWO, protective orders on behalf of my CHILDREN in two different counties, AND if you can believe this SHIT, NOT ONLY ONE, BUT TWO JUDGES, DENIED MY REQUESTS BY STATING that, “the children are NOT in ANY imminent danger of being abused/ neglected” THEY have kidnapped my children, holding them hostage, I have filed so much paperwork, written and e-mailed so many letters, sent mail certified just to be able to know for a fact that somebody received MY pleas, BEGGING FOR HELP, reaching out anyway I know how, to ANYONE ANYONE AT ALL…i DON’T understand HOW this has been allowed, how they see no wrong in what THEY’RE doing. My heart aches so MUCH, and I KNOW my children’s heart’s are also confused with sadness HOWEVER nobody thinks about my CHILDREN and how they are affected, NOBODY EXCEPT for ME, their MOTHER. As long as these P.O.S., NO GOOD FOR NOTHING CROOKS are beating me up and slandering ME well then to THEM that’s all that matters, they DON’T have ONE thought or concern about “the best interests of my children”

    I am so sorry you are going through this, I am HERE for ANY of YOU ladies, NO matter WHAT.


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